Why We Created Our Showroom

When people visit us, they ask a lot of questions. Regardless of what a customer’s working on, one of the most common questions is about our showroom. Why did we do one as big and as involved as what we do? The answer is as much about the showroom as it is about the birth of IDC Countertops itself.


The Beginning

At its start, the showroom began as a plumbing only space for our sister company, Genz-Ryan. We put together sinks, showers and other setups to display how plumbing works in different situations. When people came around, they would ask if we sold tile or cabinets. We decided to do something about that and in 2008, began the birth of IDC Countertops.  That next year, we were selling the material, but referring all construction jobs to other companies.


The Problem

We knew our customers were getting the best materials because we insisted on selling nothing else. Still, we also noticed our customers were not getting the same experience they were used to with us. Because of that, we decided to become a general contractor so customers would experience high quality from start to finish.


The Showroom

What we wanted to accomplish with our current showroom was to inspire people with ideas for their own homes. That meant creating vignettes of different rooms complete with working plumbing. The results of our labors have been just that. Customers coming into our showroom talk about our “massive selection” and how they find the different rooms inspiring, inviting and educational.


In our 13,000-square foot showroom, you’ll find all the materials you need to help shape your dream kitchen or bathroom project, from countertops to cabinets; tiles to flooring; and a vast selection of fixtures and other accessories; combine this with the services of your own designer, and we can help bring your entire project to reality, customized especially for your lifestyle and your budget.


The reason that we have such a large showroom is simple. We know that the best way to envision and inspire your dreams is to see it through your own eyes.  We believe that’s exactly what you get when you visit IDC Countertops.



If you have yet to see our showroom, you owe it to yourself to take a look.  We built every one of these vignettes with you in mind so your home can reflect your taste and design. Feel free to make an appointment with one of our designers so we can discuss what you’d like to accomplish in your home.