What do I need to know before I update my kitchen?

Many homeowners dream of a kitchen renovation. But do you know what all it requires? Here is a list of a few things you should think about before you renovate your kitchen.


Determining an actual budget is one of the most important things you need to know before you begin remodeling your kitchen. Figure out your desired price point and how much room you have to go over in case of any unforeseen expenses.


Each project is unqiue in how quick or long it will take to be completed. Some projects can be wrapped up in six weeks while others drag on. Think about if you are on a tight timeframe or if you will be okay if the project gets extended.



As you begin thinking about renovating your kitchen you need to know if any of the upgrades you desire require a permit. Some upgrades may require city government permits to be legal. This will especially be important if you want to refinance or sell your home. Ensuring that remodels comply with building codes and regulations is something lenders and buyers will look for.


Think about the current layout of your kitchen and how your remodel can help it function. Do you have enough countertop space for prepping dinner? Will your fridge door bump up against the oven when you open it? Make sure the floor plan of your kitchen will provide comfort and meet your needs.


Don’t forget to consider your kitchen appliances in the overall remodel design. Dishwasher placement may require additional plumbing and custom cabinet height. Some models of cooktops require different depths in the cabinets underneath.



A common motivation for remodeling a kitchen is to gain space but before you knock out any walls think about the cost. You might be able to use those funds on quality granite or quartz countertops, maybe even high-end appliances. But if it is truly your desire to have more space look to neighboring rooms and places you could take square footage from.