What Countertop Material is Best for Your Home?

Every lifestyle is different. What may be a great countertop material for your neighbor may not be the best choice for you. The biggest mistake homeowner’s make is choosing a countertop material purely based off of looks. Don’t forget that countertops are one of the most used surfaces in the home so it’s important to find a good fit.

This guide will help you choose what the best countertop material for your home is.

Natural stone countertops

Natural stone countertops are functional and give you the opportunity to express your personal style and taste.

Granite is the most popular material because of its natural beauty and uniqueness. It has a reputation for being sturdy and not too high on maintenance. It’s been around for millions of years forming inside the earth and survived. How can it not survive your lifestyle?

Pros of granite countertops:

  • Natural product that is visually appealing
  • Large range of colors and patterns
  • Very hard substance that won’t scratch
  • Resists heat
  • Can be resistant to stains if properly cared for


Cons of granite countertops:

  • Can and will stain if poorly sealed
  • Can have some weak spots that can chip and break off
  • Expensive (Worth it. They last forever)

Quartz is one of the most durable manufactured countertops on the market. As an added feature, the smooth surface keeps bacteria from forming in any nooks and crannies.

Pros of quartz countertops:

  • Durable
  • Resistant to stains, doesn’t absorb liquids
  • Smooth texture keeps the bacteria out
  • Huge variety of colors (We have over 100 color options)
  • Doesn’t need to be sealed or waxed


Cons of quartz countertops:

  • Expensive (Again, worth it.)
  • Can discolor when exposed to strong sunlight
  • Can chip or crack if hit hard enough
  • Not heat tolerant

Marble, one of the more porous stones, is an elegant looking surface and no two slabs are alike. It’s a good surface for bathrooms and other locations where they may not be getting heavy use, but usually not recommended for kitchens.

Pros of marble countertops:

  • Heat resistant
  • Many color choices
  • Natural material giving it uniqueness
  • Works with many different design aesthetics


Cons of marble countertops:

  • Readily absorbs liquids
  • Can be scratched
  • Etches if exposed to acidic liquids
  • Requires ongoing maintenance
  • Expensive

No matter the countertop surface you choose, natural stone will turn your kitchen into a distinctive gathering place and add beauty and warmth to a bathroom. We have an extensive collection of granite, quartz, marble, and other exotic stones. Finding the perfect natural stone countertops for your project is easy with the help of IDC Countertops. Contact us today!

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