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Ways to Avoid Ruining Your Kitchen This Holiday Season

Holiday season can be rough. It’s rough on the wallet, rough on the emotions and especially rough on your kitchen.

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner and baking all those pies and Christmas cookies in between can wreak havoc on your kitchen. Countertops, garbage disposals and appliances take a beating this time of year, so make sure to protect your kitchen this holiday season.


Be careful what you put down the garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal doesn’t love all the holiday foods as much as you do. Avoid putting starchy foods, like beans and rice, and coffee grounds down the disposal, because they can form a paste-like substance and clog the pipes. Also avoid fibrous foods, like potato peels and celery. The fibers can wrap around the teeth of the disposal and stop the motor. And finally, don’t drain oil or grease into your sink. The oils and grease can solidify and cause a nasty clog.


Prevent stains and heat damage to your countertops                

Protect your countertops from the wear and tear of regular kitchen use this season. If you have quartz countertops, avoid putting hot pans directly on the surface. Even though quartz is durable, it is not heat resistant. So, make sure to use a heating pad. Granite, on the other hand, is heat resistant.

While granite is heat resistant, it is also porous, so it stains easily if it is not properly sealed. Spills should be cleaned up immediately to avoid stains and bacteria growth. Quartz is virtually stain resistant, so it is easy to keep free of germs. Make sure to clean bother materials regularly, though, to fight stuck on food stains and germs.

For more info about granite and quartz countertops and durability, check out our Quartz vs. Granite blog.


Deep clean your oven before the holidays

Before you start cooking this holiday season, make sure to clean your oven really well. Scrub the racks and remove any left-over burnt food that can collect at the bottom. Doing this not only sanitizes the oven, but it also cuts down on the risk of fire (and that awful burning smell that could fill your kitchen).


Be careful when you’re cooking this holiday season and protect your countertops and appliances. If you damage your kitchen or need your countertop resealed, IDC can help. Call or schedule your next appointment online. And Happy Holidays from all of us at IDC!