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Use Our Visualizers to Envision Your Future Countertops

Have you tried out the IDC Countertops visualizers yet? With our visualizers, you can see what your new kitchen or bathroom countertops might look like in the context of your existing space or in combination with other aspects of a remodel. If you’re looking to make changes in your kitchen or bathroom, you can use this tool to help choose the perfect countertop that will fit in your Minneapolis home.

To learn more about our visualizers, contact the IDC Countertops team — give us a call at 952-767-1818 today.


What Is the Visualizer Tool & How Does It Work?

Our kitchen visualizer and bathroom visualizer are easy-to-use tools for seeing what a kitchen or bathroom might look like. It allows you to choose a basic layout for the room you’re looking at, then select every component of its final appearance: appliances, fixtures, seating, wall colors, cabinetry, and of course countertops. By looking at your countertops in the proper context — either by recreating something similar to your current space or by putting together your ideal remodeled area — you can make sure you’re picking exactly the right countertops for your home.

A countertop in a showroom or on a webpage divorced from the context of your kitchen or bathroom isn’t painting an accurate picture of what you’re getting or how you’re going to feel about it. By spending five minutes putting together a quick mock-up of your space, you can see how you feel about countertops you’re considering and rapidly switch around the countertops or the surrounding environment to see which you’d rather change. If you’re thinking about upgrading piece by piece, knowing how your kitchen or bathroom will look at different stages of remodeling will help you plan your project better.

Why Use Our Visualizers?

While some can put their imaginations to work and get a fairly accurate picture of what a set of countertops will look like in their current kitchen or bathroom, it is difficult to imagine all of the various options and changes you may want to make in your home.

Even with a great imagination, you can’t get an exact picture of your future space without utilizing our visualizer tool. Working with our kitchen and bathroom visualizers, you can identify your dream space while coloring within the lines of available appliances and other fixtures. The tool can also inspire directions for your home project you might not have considered otherwise. Begin making your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality with our visualizer and envision different layouts, color themes, appliances, and more!

Once you’ve discovered the visual that fits your home best, you’ll be able to purchase your countertops with confidence and invest in other aspects of a kitchen or bathroom remodel with little to no stress.

Try Our Visualizers Now & Pick Your Dream Countertops

The best way to find out what the visualizer can do for you is to start now! This tool is very easy to use and will allow you to complete a mock-up in a matter of minutes.

If you’d like to speak with a member of the IDC Countertops team about the visualizer or if you’re ready to begin the process of purchasing the countertops you’ve designed, reach out to us today at 952-767-1818.