wood beam kitchen

Using Wood to Achieve the Modern Farmhouse Look

Have you heard the 411? Modern Farmhouse homes are trending, and we can’t help but fall in love with all of the rustic décor! If you’re looking to spruce up your home, we have a few different ways that you can incorporate wood into your kitchen, creating a natural and unique look. Let IDC Countertops walk you through these modern wood trends.

Exposed Wooden Shelving

Open-faced shelves add personality to a home and are becoming an increasingly popular design technique. Although tricky at times, if you organize these shelves with uncluttered items and objects, this look can turn out to be spectacular! We love the idea of combining the natural design of wood against a tiled backsplash. Add succulents and pendant lighting to the shelves for a true farmhouse aesthetic!

Wooden Ceiling Beams

Adding design elements to a part of the home where you least expect it is an inimitable way to make your space one-of-a-kind. Although wood ceiling beams are popularly found within southern-styled homes, there are so many unique ways to incorporate this design in a way that will accentuate your style preference. Opt for simple vertical beams to enhance a normal height ceiling or incorporate detailed designs with an A-frame ceiling. The options are limitless! Get more modern wood kitchen ideas that will transform your space.

Wooden Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is the centerpiece of your space, so make use of it with your favorite designs! What better way to emphasize a modern farmhouse look than with a full wooden-wrapped island. We guarantee that your guests will fall in love with the simplicity behind this idea. Add creamy, white countertops, such as our Eternal Statuario, to fuse the rustic look with a luxury design.

Wood Backsplash

Modern farmhouse interior designs are typically derived from the outdoors so why not bring an exterior look indoors! Mount a beautiful display of wooden panels to form an outstanding kitchen backsplash. This is such a fun feature in a home, as it helps break up a uniformed wall by adding an accent piece to the main room of the house. You can also get creative with this and characterize the wood paneling with gaps in between to create a shiplap style.

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