Trending Now – The Walk-In Shower

Some trends come and others go, but one of the more recent developments in the area of bathroom renovation has been the walk-in shower.  The number of things that can be done in a space like this are limited only by the amount of space that you have and your imagination.


Tile Choices


There are a lot of different choices that can be made here.  Everything from the classic look of tile that we’ve seen in bathrooms since the 1950’s to the more modern look of using concrete instead of tile.  All of it is in play and is limited only by your choice and taste.  The important thing to remember when making choices about what kind of tile or shower surface that you want is that you will need to have it compliment your overall design in the bathroom itself.  You wouldn’t want a classic looking shower alongside modern sinks and fixtures and you wouldn’t want a shower so modern that it makes your classic looking bathroom seem dated.  Each must compliment the other.


Showerhead Choices


This is a choice that can only really be made well with a lot of experience.  Gone are the days of the choice that consisted of your average single option showerhead or the massage showerhead.  Now you have so many options that it pays to do some research.  Rain cans, shower slides and multi-head setups can give you a shower so wonderful that you’ll find it hard to peel yourself away.  The best options are those that you have tried as you have traveled.  So many hotels have invested in great showerheads that this can be something that will give you the practical experience with them before you consider adding them to your project.  You can also consult with friends and family that have used many different kinds.  The important thing is that you find something that works well for you.


Other Options


This is an area that includes what kind of shower door you want, or if you even want one at all.  There have been designs that use a glass enclosure or complete walls with a door being the only entry.  The best thing to remember is that, while certain things may look great, it has to function well in your space.  It makes no sense to have a beautiful shower that regularly threatens to flood the bathroom.


It certainly pays as well to know where your plumbing is going to be as that has a great deal of impact on how things will be situated in your shower.


If all of this sounds overwhelming, it can be.  The good news is that IDC Countertops is here to help.  Our experience with bathroom remodels gives us the perspective you need to make all of the decisions that go into a walk-in shower a snap.  Our designers will work with you so that your walk-in shower will be both functional, practical and beautiful.  Contact us and let us know if you would like to talk further about what we can do to make your walk-in shower a place you will want to enjoy for many years to come.