Photo Credit by James Dear
Photo credit by James Dear

Top Italian Kitchen Design Ideas

Italian Kitchen Design Trends For Your Beautiful Home

Italy kitchen design ideas can improve the appearance of your home. The beautiful country is popular for its delicious cuisine and the outstanding hospitality of all inhabitants. Adding the famous elegance of Tuscany and you pretty much have all the elements for the perfect kitchen design. Italian home designs are in demand all around the continental US. This type of design is an eternal inspiration amongst homeowners, design influencers, and architects from all over.

There is a very attractive elegance and style that Italian interior designs offer the home. The perfect blend between contemporary and traditional design brings a very cozy interior that will exude positive energy and warmth. The Italian kitchen design is characterized by a minimalist interior & open spaces that are filled with a lot of light. The modern Italian kitchen design will usually be white and combined with neutral colors in efforts to achieve the desired effect. Follow along with IDC Countertops for a look at the different contemporary Italian interior designs.

Kitchen Countertops That Match Your Italian Interior Design

When it comes down to your new kitchen remodel and design, your countertops and backsplashes matter a great deal. To keep the Italian theme going you will want to take a look at granite countertops with more natural colors. You could also take a look at quartz countertops because engineered stone offers many options that will look amazing in your Italian style kitchen. To create the luxurious look that you have always wanted, we encourage you to contact one of our kitchen design experts and ask them to show you the many different counter options that we offer here at IDC Countertops.


Indoor Lighting For Your Italian Style Kitchen

An Italian style kitchen design will most likely have wonderful indoor lighting. The lighting will reflect an airy and bright design with a lot of natural light featured. Homeowners will either choose to install the kitchen lighting or make it so that the natural sunlight will enter the home. You could also do a combination of both. Maybe get see-through kitchen curtains that let just the right amount of light enter your home. To complement the lighting in your kitchen you should also consider adding plants and flowers that you can place on tables, windows, or on affordable kitchen counters. Some artwork can also add the overall theme.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, Designs, Colors, & More

With any kitchen remodel you must take into account all of the different aspects that go into play. One of those very important factors in your kitchen cabinets. Many times, homeowners will be on the search for new cabinets when they can save a lot of money with cabinet refacing services. You can keep your old cabinets as long as they are in good condition and just get them painted and refaced. There are many different color and refacing options to choose from.

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