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Taking Your Kitchen Countertops For Granite

Reasons You Should Not Take Your Kitchen Countertops For Granite

Granite is a natural stone that is coveted for its aesthetic and beauty. Granite stone is at the top of the list of most popular kinds of natural stone for because of its high-quality, versatility, & value. This natural stone is an outstanding material for bathrooms and kitchens that comes in an array of patterns and colors. If you are taking your countertops for ‘granite’ you may want to reconsider that thought! The best investment any homeowner could make would be to decide on one of our super classy and top-quality granite colors for your bathroom or kitchen. The sophisticated look that granite brings is one of the many benefits that come along with choosing this counter option for your kitchen remodeling.

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The Variation In Different Granite Slabs

There are many different countertop materials out on the market that appeals to homeowners all over the world just as granite does. This natural stone is quarried from all around the world in very large slabs that can be cut & shaped as to fit your particular kitchen layout and size. A part of granite stone’s appeal comes from it being a natural material that is not engineered in a laboratory and it is extremely unique as no two slabs will ever be the exact same in appearance.

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Granite Adds Value To Your Kitchen

Granite countertops invite in the outdoors & anytime you are able to add outdoor elements to the inside of your residence you should not pass up the opportunity. Granite is an eco-friendly natural stone option for your countertops as well. This natural stone will add much value to your kitchen and bathroom. If you are wanting to take your space from old school to modern kitchen then granite is how!

Granite Durability

The durability of granite is one of the many reasons why many people always go with this natural stone when shopping for kitchen and bath countertops. It is incredibly difficult to find another stone that is just as durable. Granite’s durability makes it very hard to scratch it up or chip the surface. Sealing your granite kitchen countertops will also help in keeping it stain resistant and extend its life.

black granite countersGranite Is Eco-Friendly

Not only is granite an environmentally friendly natural stone option but it also is one that retains its natural look. You can think of it like taking an old rock and another that has been tumbled & polished in order to retain the high sheen that enhances its natural material and pattern.

Bacteria And Dirt Resistant

Since the surface of the sealed countertop is nonporous, which means that liquids will not soak, the kitchen is less likely to be affected by bacteria, dirt, and different grime that are often found on countertops & in kitchens. The smooth sealed granite surface allows the homeowner to easily clean up any spills and kitchen prep messes.

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Easy To Fix When No Scratches Or Chips Have Occurred

Envision that an iron pot crashes down onto your granite countertop & leaves behind an unpleasant chip on the surface. The countertop installation specialists that put in your granite tops can come put a type of putty dyed to match the color of your counter and reseal the stone to protect it from future spills.

Family Friendly Kitchen Counter Material

Granite is great for families with little kids because this countertop option can handle liquid spills from herbal teas, wine, and juice. Or maybe you have family members who might do silly things such as place hot pans directly on the countertop surface, in this case, the granite will still be okay. If Mr. Bigglesworth decides to constantly jump on the counters, the granite is resistant to scratches so it will be okay.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Are Flat

If you are an avid baker or cooker and need to roll out the dough on a surface that is flat then this is a great option for you. You can use the flat granite countertop surface to roll out your bread, cookie, or cake dough. While this is okay to do, we still recommend using a cutting board if you are going to be using any cutlery. Even though your granite is scratch resistant, you should still be careful with it.

Granite kitchen countertops may be a costly option but they are well worth the price. Granite is countertop material that will outlast all the others. So reconsider taking your kitchen countertops for granite (granted)! For more related content check out the countertop blog. If you have any questions or concerns be sure to contact us today to speak with a quartz countertop specialist.(952) 767-1818