Pros and Cons of Painting Cabinets

Your cabinets are as central to your kitchen as it is to your home. And since your kitchen is a place where family gathers, you want it to be at its best. One idea is to freshen up your space with painted cabinets. There are pros and cons to consider before pulling out your brushes and rollers.


Pros of painting cabinets




If you’re looking for a remodel on a budget, painting your cabinets is a way to save. That gives you freedom to spend less money or redirect it to other things, like appliances or higher-end countertops.


Making the Old New Again


If your cabinets are older, you may think it’s time to replace them. However, if they’re still in good shape, paint can make them seem brand new. This fresh injection of style makes everyone think they’re brand new, even if all you did was change them up.




If you plan on decorating with a certain color, you can use that color on your cabinets or something that compliments it. You can also paint them white, which is a growing trend. Paint gives you the ability to make your kitchen uniquely yours.


Cons of painting cabinets


Inconsistencies from Brushes, Rollers and Paint Sprayers


A Do-It-Yourselfer usually combines paintbrushes and rollers to paint any surface. However, these tools are more likely to leave marks that will constantly stand out to you on your cabinets. Because of that, you might decide to use a paint sprayer. But not only will you use more paint, you’ll be more apt to make mistakes if you haven’t used one before.


Lots of Detail Work


Most cabinets are not your average box with a door. There are lots of nooks and crannies that you need to prepare for. That means taking a lot longer to paint them than it would to put a coat on the kitchen walls. In other words, it can be more work than you bargained for.




Anyone with painted cabinets knows that there’ll be a little more cleaning to be done, particularly if you choose a lighter color. While that might be good in the long run, it means having to spend more time on maintenance than what you’re used to.




The choice of painting your cabinets is ultimately up to you. However, if you decide against it, there are alternatives. Refacing your cabinets is another option that allows for a new look while saving money, time and effort on the DIY paint job. One of the great advantages of doing that is that your old cabinets will be more durable because of the new facing that is put on them. They’ll also be easier to clean than a painted cabinet.


If you’d like to talk about what to do with your cabinets, contact us today. Our designers will be able to help them look great, no matter what you want them to do.