white kitchen

Popular White Granite Colors

Are you wanting to make a trendy but also timeless upgrade to your kitchen or bath in your home? Consider white granite countertops! In addition to uniquely brightening up your home, white granite countertops add elegance without sacrificing durability.

Granite comes in a variety of colors and patterns. This can be attributed to the minerals that become trapped inside the stone during the cooling of the molten rock. The color of granite will vary from slab to slab. Because of this, there is no pure white granite. White granite features a predominant background of white or off-white with various other colors subtly mixed throughout. White granite it is extremely versatile and can be a beautiful complement to many different cabinet colors.

Granite is a timeless material with great characteristics. Granite countertops are the perfect option for high traffic areas such as the kitchen countertops or a fireplace surround for a unique design feature! Discover some of the top trending white granite colors that would make a beautiful addition to your home.

dallas white granite

What do you get when you mix a white background with light grays, lavender tones and golden cream brown veining? This stunning white granite, Dallas White! Quarried in Brazil, Dallas White granite makes a seriously sophisticated statement when incorporated into kitchen or bathroom design.

White Ice Granite

When people talk about White Ice granite, it is often accompanied by words like “stunning” and “obsessed”. White Ice granite is a versatile and chic stone from Brazil. White Ice features snowy sheen accented by dark veining in hues of blue and gray. While many colors work well with White Ice, grays, metallic, and stainless steel appliances pair beautifully with this granite with minimal movement, while dark neutrals deliver contrast that truly “pops.”

Colonial White Granite

Colonial White joins a select few white granites that are quarried in India. Featuring a creamy off-white bedrock, Colonial White is known by its black speckles and smoky silver accent colors. If you’re looking for a light granite that will add warmth to your kitchen, Colonial White is a great choice. Consider pairing Colonial White with stark white cabinets or for dramatic effect alongside darker cabinets.

a bengal white

Also quarried in India, Bengal White granite is a white medium variation granite with hints of cream, gray and black flecks. With Bengal White granite you get beauty and durability all in one, which makes it perfect for kitchen or bathroom countertops, even flooring! White cabinets are an obvious choice when it comes to complementing Bengal White, but darker cabinets also provide appealing contrast.

biscotti white granite

Biscotti White granite stands out from many other natural stones because of its awe-inspiring appearance and tough make-up. Biscotti White granite features a white background with hints of black, gray and blue. Whether you’re looking for spectacular countertops, a dazzling backsplash or accent wall, Biscotti White has slight movement and variation for added visual appeal.

These are just a few of the stunning white granite options we carry at IDC Countertops. If you’ve been dreaming about white granite countertops stop by our showroom located in Burnsville Minnesota where you’re sure to find just the right elegant and enduring shade in our collection.

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