Our Fabrication Process

You’ve seen our beautiful designs, but chances are, you haven’t had the chance to see how we get things from just a stone slab into countertops ready to be installed in your home.  We’d like to pull the curtain back so you can see the process in action.


Once you have selected your slab, we go through the measuring process.  This is how we know the exact measurements and specifications of your kitchen or bathroom.  Once that information is programmed, we can get started with the Fabrication process.






Step 1:

With this step, we make sure that our computerized equipment has all of the measurements so that the correct cuts are made to your stone slab.


Step 2:

Here is where all of the cuts are made, based on the measurements that we took.


Step 3:

This is the step that is very hands-on.  Someone will work hard to make sure your counter is as close to perfect as possible.  That means that the finish is even and the cuts look great.


Step 4:

Making sure that your countertop is ready to be installed is important to us.  That’s why we make sure everything is done right before we head to your home.



The kind of painstaking work that goes into the natural stone countertop that you purchase from us shows you the level of importance we place on your business.  The kind of care and concern our fabricators use in working with your stone slab, shows you the details that go into making your kitchen or bathroom the best that it can be.  In the end, the results are breathtaking.