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New Quartz Kitchen Countertop Designs Worth Checking Out!

Meet The Newest Additions To Our Quartz Kitchen Countertop Design Collection

Recently added into our showroom, the Intermezzo, Melody, Tenor, and Calacatta Leon quartz countertops are highly sought after! These quartz slabs are going quick for their unique and distinct designs. Check them out below!


A beautiful and almost familiar appearance, Intermezzo Quartz is the perfect choice for a well-rounded countertop option. Its nude color palette pairs well with all home décor and designs, and yet, it still has that “wow” factor that is noticeably striking.

Intermezzo Quartz Countertop


Melody Quartz is a mellow countertop that portrays a relaxed and laid-back vibe. Its minimalistic design unveils soft-spoken swirls of brown and cream, creating the perfect mixture for a neutral-based home. It is a great pair with an all-white, classic kitchen for that touch of warmth.

Melody Quartz Countertops


The dominantly cool Tenor Quartz is a unique and daring choice! We love this countertop because it is dramatic as much as it is warm. The deep color stands out in a room and instantly creates its own sense of style. A fun way to incorporate this color into your house is to add it to the bathroom/powder room with a fun pop of color! Teal looks great with its brown gray tone and your kids would love the playful design!

Tenor Quartz Countertops

Calacatta Leon

Calacatta Leon Quartz is a timeless choice. Its effortless beauty makes a statement upon walking into the room and attention is drawn immediately to its unique veining and design. People gravitate towards this piece because, although white, it does not hold any stains from coffee, juice, wine, etc. You simply cannot go wrong! When you choose IDC Countertops, you can find inexpensive countertops ideas that look expensive for your kitchen.

calacatta leon quartz

Quartz countertops are a splendid choice for a kitchen surface. They are extremely durable, as they are manufactured to sustain the harsh day-to-day interaction with acidic liquids and foods, heavy materials, etc. Thus, quartz is resistant to stains, heat and cracking and unwanted bacteria.

View our refined selection of quartz counters, patterns, and colors to satisfy an array of tastes and budgets.

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