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Modern Kitchen And Bath: Let Inspiration Design Center Upgrade You!

2019 Modern Kitchen And Bath Tips

minnesota graniteModern kitchen and bath design trends are constantly evolving! Kitchen and bath remodeling is an art that is never stagnant. Architects, home builders, contractors, and interior designers are always on the search for the newest trends that will improve the overall quality and add value to their properties. Follow along with Inspiration Design Center for the latest trends to get a modern kitchen and bath!

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

modern kitchen cabinetsSubtle but not really. Cabinets are very important because they make a certain statement on the overall design of your kitchen! They will definitely help in making it stand out especially if you are going with the modern all-white or all-black kitchen design. You can do a lot with your kitchen cabinets. You can add a specific face to your cabinets to go with your theme or add a certain outlining that will help your kitchen pop. There are so many different things you can do with your kitchen cabinets to help modernize your home and add value to your property. If you already have cabinets but are interested in changing up the design or theme of your kitchen, then do not worry, you may be interested in our cabinet refacing services.

Modern Kitchen Counters

Whether your heart is set on granite kitchen countertops or quartz counters, you simply cannot go wrong. No matter which stone you decide to go with, Inspiration Design Center has a large selection for both granite and quartz from which you can choose from. Our very large showroom has everything you could possibly think of! We will pair you up with one of our expert modern kitchen and bath remodeling experts so you can get an idea of all the different types of countertop options we have. We offer a large variety of designs, colors, and patterns! Make sure to ask about our granite and quartz colors today!

Contact A Modern Kitchen And Bath Professional Today!

granite kitchen tops

Come on out to the Inspiration Design Center showroom! We have beautiful granite kitchen counters, quartz tops, cabinet options, and so much more! If you are looking to upgrade your home with a modern kitchen and bath design, then come check out our selections! We only offer products from the best global brands because we believe in high-quality products! Contact us today! (952) 767-1818