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Countertop Installation in Rosemount, MN

Top-Quality Countertops in Rosemount

Thinking about a remodel of your home’s kitchen or bathrooms? Then you’ll probably want to start thinking about your options for countertops as soon as possible. Not only are countertops a critical component for any remodel, regardless of whether you’re aiming for utility or aesthetic, they also involve quite a bit of decision-making you’ll want out of the way early. Selecting the right materials, the right style, and the right contractors can make or break your kitchen or bathroom remodel. It can be quite complicated—but it doesn’t have to be.

By working with the experts on our design and installation teams at Inspiration Design Center, you can rest assured that skilled professionals are taking every step to turn your goals and dreams into reality while minimizing hassle and compromise.

Want to find out more about how to get started on a countertop installation project in Rosemount? Reach out to Inspiration Design Center online or dial 952-219-7520 to learn more! 

Our Natural Stone, Quartz & Solid Surface Countertop Products

Starting with good materials is as important as the craftmanship behind your countertops, when it comes to the end result. That’s why we offer our customers in Rosemount a variety of options, to suit any aesthetic preference, utility preference, and budgetary constraint.

So, to start the process of remodeling your countertops, you’ll want to choose a material or two that sounds interesting to you. Maybe you prefer to stick with natural stone, or maybe you prioritize durability and low-maintenance resilience over all else? Regardless of your priorities or preferences, we’re sure to have a material that matches.

Quartz is popular for a number of reasons, not the least being its combination of durability and aesthetic versatility. Quartz countertops come in an assortment of colors and patterns to meet your preferences and match your dream kitchen or bathroom, whatever it may look like. As a sturdy non-porous countertop material, quartz is also highly unlikely to be scratched, stained, burnt, or otherwise damaged barring major accidents. Is it any surprise that more and more households prefer quartz to other materials when given the choice?

Granite remains an excellent natural stone option for bathroom or kitchen countertops. Like quartz, granite offers homeowners plenty of flexibility for choosing color or pattern, and it holds up exceptionally well to the normal wear and tear of kitchen or bathroom use.

Countertops on a budget don’t have to be unappealing or impractical, as long as you choose premium custom countertops produced by expert craftsmen. If you want to control your countertop budget without compromising on your dreams, solid surface countertops produced using varied combinations of polyester resin, acrylic resin, fillers, acrylic chips, and pigments can offer the custom results you desire without the cost of stone. Solid surface countertops resist stains, can offer a seamless countertop easily, and can match nearly any aesthetic desire.

Choose Inspiration Design Center for Countertop Installation in Rosemount

It’s not enough when choosing a countertop installation team to choose one with excellent craftsmen and designers—though it certainly should be on your checklist. It’s also important to choose a team that takes care of its customers and leaves them satisfied, not just with their final countertops but with the entire experience of choosing and installing them.

Inspiration Design Center always leaves customers happy with a combination of excellent customer service and superior craftsmanship. By choosing our team for your customer countertop installation in Rosemount, you’ll benefit from:

  • Personalized Quotes
  • Climate-Controlled Slab Viewing
  • Available Virtual Visits
  • Countertop Warranty

Your dream kitchen or bathroom awaits! Dial 952-219-7520 or message us online to get started.