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Countertop Installation in Farmington, MN

Top-Quality Countertops in Farmington

Planning a remodel of a bathroom or the kitchen of your Farmington home? Countertops should be one of the very first things you pin down, given how critical they are to the overall aesthetic and functionality of either room.  Not only do you need to pick the right material and the right style, you’ll need to figure out the right team for the job; contractors who are not only capable, but committed to customer satisfaction and the quality of their craft.

To that end, you want to work with the expert design and installation teams at Inspiration Design Center, who will listen carefully to your goals, concerns, and considerations, and help make every step of your custom countertop installation experience hassle-free.

Ready to start your next—or first—big home improvement project in Farmington? You need the Inspiration Design Center team on your side. Contact us online or dial 952-219-7520 to begin your countertop installation project today!

Our Natural Stone, Quartz & Solid Surface Countertop Products

High-quality starting materials and fine craftsmanship both play a critical role in making your countertops a beauty to behold. We offer our Farmington customers a wide selection of designer brands and products, and handle them with extreme care and expert craftsmanship to bring them to the next level.

To begin your countertop installation, you’ll want to start with choosing a material. Do you want the beauty of natural stone, or perhaps you’ll favor the enhanced durability to quartz? Whatever your dream countertop design may be, our team can help you turn that hazy dream into a perfect reality.

Quartz is quite versatile, and our selection of quartz countertops, patterns, and colors can suit a variety of aesthetic preferences. In addition to its stylistic value, the non-porous surface of quartz countertops makes it exceptionally resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. Stylish, durable, and low-maintenance, quartz has rushed to the top in popularity as a countertop material.

Natural granite remains a favorite for its beauty, versatility, quality, and value, and it’s an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom countertop installation projects. With plenty of options for colors and patterns, granite countertop installation gives plenty of flexibility for your creativity in designing kitchen or bathroom countertops.

If you’re looking to keep your countertop budget low, solid surface countertops still offer plenty of beauty in a remodel. Produced from polyester resin, acrylic resin, or a combination of the two using filler, acrylic chips, and pigments, solid surface countertops made by the right team can create a truly custom final result. Stain-resistant, seamless, and exceptionally sanitary, solid surface countertops offer practicality and beauty on a budget.

Regardless of your preferred material for your Farmington home improvement project, Inspiration Design Center is ready to help. If you’re ready to learn more, try contacting our team today!

Choose Inspiration Design Center for Countertop Installation in Farmington

The team at Inspiration Design Center doesn’t just deliver high-quality countertop design and installation services at the hands of our expert installation team. We back excellence of craft with excellent customer service and attention to the big picture. By choosing our team for your customer countertop installation in Farmington, you’ll benefit from:
  • Personalized Quotes
  • Climate-Controlled Slab Viewing
  • Available Virtual Visits
  • Countertop Warranty

Your home should be yours, in style and function. Let our team make your dreams a reality with superior countertop installation services. Contact us online or dial 952-219-7520 to schedule a follow-up today!