Minnesota Countertops: Refreshingly Modern Kitchen Designs With A Colorful Twist

Countertops Minnesota: Add A Dash Of Color To Your Home With These Colorful Kitchen Designs

Have you been searching for innovative ways to bring your kitchen design to life? With the rise of the modern solid color kitchens, we are forgetting one very important element within the realm of interior design. Color makes you stand out! As we transition into the springtime and slowly make our way into summer, we can expect a huge shift in the remodeling and design industry.

We certainly do not have anything against neutral kitchens, in fact, we are avid believers in the timelessness of a solid color kitchen. It is true that features like stainless steel appliances or white tile are classics and major staples but we are hungry for some colorful renovations! Jeweled-toned ranges, vibrant cabinetry, bold tile, natural stone countertops in many colors, and then adding your own twist to the theme of your home through the decor is a great way to get started! It can be fairly easy to colorize your kitchen by adding cherry picked accessories to help you create a hue infused space. So check out these flawless colorful kitchen designs with the leading Minnesota Countertops Professionals for some bold inspiration!

A World of Blue

From the dramatic, all black to the classic all-white kitchen designs, any kitchen will look livelier & more welcoming when you add a pop of blue! Adding cheery and bright hues to your kitchen is a great and easy way to update your space without resorting to a full-on renovation. Many homeowners will go for a completely saturated space but we have found that the tiniest additions to the kitchen will bring in more energy and vibrancy. The changes do not have to be too drastic. They can be subtle but still dramatic enough to make all the difference. You can add blue tiles to an all-white kitchen for example and make it stand out. You can also add blue cabinets like in the picture above to bring out the design. Blue goes great with both quartz or granite countertops. This is a great tactic that will give your kitchen that extra factor you desire.

Yellow Kitchen Decor

Yellow is one of the most vibrant colors in the rainbow! It is certainly one that will give your kitchen style the boost you seek. Yellow is the perfect color for spring and summer. It’s a color that invites in a sway of energy which fits great if you are an ambitious go-getter. If you are the kind of person that needs to be in an area with tons of energy then yellow is a great choice. You can match this color perfectly with black or white quartz countertops. You can add yellow appliances, yellow cabinets, yellow curtains, or yellow barstools. Do not feel concerned on this color being too much for your kitchen design. Remember that you can be subtle with the color changes in your home. In fact, they do not have to be a hard yellow for you to see the difference. You can add light yellow to an all white or all black kitchen and still see the impact of this beautiful color.

Green Kitchen Accents

Another great color to consider that will make your kitchen design pop is green. You can pick from many different shades of green. The color you choose all depends on the type of style design that already exists in your home. Whether you are interested in lime-green, forest green, pickle green, sage green, or mint green, the options are endless. Whether you choose to add big beautiful green indoor house plants or a bowl of green apples on the kitchen island, you can count on the green to make an impression on your guests. You can also consider getting your cabinets refaced and painting them green. There is so much that you can do with this color to take your kitchen design from bland to snazzy.

No matter what color you decide on, you can get the look you desire. Improve your design by simply adding a pop of color. Do not be afraid to mix your colors together. If you have any questions about the types of colors that would look great with your kitchen countertops, then contact us today. You can get with one of our Minnesota countertops professionals to learn more. You can also visit our blog(952) 767-1818