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Kitchen Designs Featuring Wood Accents & Quality Countertops

Minneapolis Granite Experts Love The Look Of Wood Accents & Quality Countertops In The Kitchen

Minneapolis granite professionals all know that natural stone makes durable and beautiful countertops. They are low maintenance, scratch and heat resistant, and they are a consumer top choice. The vivid color palette of natural tones and the rock hard surface makes it one of the most sought after materials in the industry. It seems although most homeowners would choose granite as the preferred countertop because it fits perfectly with the majority of the interior designs around the world.

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In fact, interior designers all over the nation are going crazy for wood accents. Granite stone in the kitchen paired with wood accents is the right balance of modern and traditional styles combined to make the perfect design that will leave anybody speechless! So follow along with us and let us take a closer look at some legendary kitchen designs that feature wood accents!

Southern Charm

The farmhouse design style is one of our all-time favorite ways to incorporate wood accents in the kitchen. The wood shelves bring out the natural tones of the kitchen. This is the perfect way to improve the functionality of your home and create more storage space! You could also enhance the design by adding some house plants and placing them on your countertops or on your shelves. The plants give the kitchen the dash of color it was missing. Plants and wood accents go so well together. Quartz countertops are the ideal material for this interior design. But you can also get solid surfaces or granite if quartz isn’t your style.

Dark & Light Wood

It is not uncommon for interior designers to pair up light and dark wood. For this design, the light wood was used for the wall shelves and they help bring out the dark cabinetry in such a beautiful way. This is a prime example of how to mix light and dark colors for flawless home design. The quartz stone counters could be replaced with quartzite or granite stone to bring out this design even more. The natural patterns in quartzite countertops will compliment this style perfectly. Granite could also be a great option if you are wanting to approach the design from a different angle.

Shiplap Backsplash

Shiplap wood backsplash is not a styling trend you come across too often. It can even be considered a bold move for many. However, it is a very traditional and timeless design element that can be used to give your kitchen that farmhouse feel. Wood is not a material that goes out of style so it is a great way to enhance and improve the decor and design of your kitchen! We really appreciate the different cabinet combinations and the color choices that were used in the design. It creates a rich and elegant environment that will immediately win over your guests! The wood backsplash will look amazing with Eternal Calacatta Gold Countertops but granite is definitely a top choice for this design!

There are many different ways one can add wood accents to design and make the kitchen more appealing. From wood shelves and backslashes to cabinets and bar stools. No matter which route you take, wood accents will always help modernize the design of your home. For more updates on the latest trends, be sure to visit the blog. If you would like to speak with a Minneapolis granite professional at IDC Countertops, contact us today. 952-767-1818