Laundry Room Design Tips

It’s probably one of the most utilitarian rooms that you have in the house.  The laundry room seems to be one of the last places that design seems to come into play, but why does it have to be?  Why can’t the laundry room be as eye catching as your kitchen, living room or updated bathroom?


How you get there is the same approach you would take to redoing a room like the kitchen.  You have to ask yourself what you need in the room.  There are many different things to consider and, according to This Old House, here are just some of the things that you might think about.


  1. Utility sink

Anyone that has one sings the praises of a utility sink.  While for some, that might bring to mind an image of an unsightly plastic sink, more tasteful things can be done to make this sink seem like a natural and attractive part of the room.


  1. Countertops

You know how valuable counter space is in the kitchen.  It is also valuable in the laundry room as you need space to treat stained clothing, general folding and extra drying space for those items that need to lay flat.







  1. Cabinets

It’s generally considered unsightly to display your laundry soap to anyone that can see it.  In addition, dryer sheets, fabric softener and other laundry essentials need a place to live.  A well placed cabinet provides that.


  1. Pull out hamper

This handy storage spot gives you added space for clothes that would otherwise sit in a laundry basket waiting on you to wash and dry them.  And with something that matches the cabinets you are already thinking of, this can be attractive as well as functional.


  1. Task lighting

This is the kind of lighting you would need to work in the room.  You need to have a well-lit room, with specialized work areas.


  1. Water resistant materials

Surfaces that can take water easier would be your best bet.  There are also many options that can make a water resistance surface attractive, so you don’t have to sacrifice that for something practical.


There are so many more things that can be added as well, so don’t be limited to anything but what you need for a stylish and functional laundry space.

At IDC Countertops, we stand at the ready to help you design a laundry room to fit your tastes, budget and space in your home.  Get in touch with us and let us know you’d like to get started.  If your laundry room needs attention, why not make it the envy of the neighborhood?