Kitchen Trends for the New Year


New Year, new trends.   From colors of paint to the finish of your kitchen fixtures, trends have a tendency to vary from year to year.  With a new year just around the corner, updating to the newest and trendiest is on a lot of minds.  Kitchens, being the most popular room in the house to freshen up and probably the most expensive, you want to make sure that the work you get done(or DIY) will last for years to come and add some value to your home.  Here are some trends from Decoratorwisdom.com that will get you started for 2015 and last longer than you think they would.

  • Wood Color Stories- this is when you have a variety of different types of wood grains and wood stains throughout your space. Incorporating pale woods with warm honey-tones woods and even dark wood tones with something lighter.
  • White-what describes fresh better than white! This trend will never get old because it makes perfect sense to be used in the kitchen.  Clean, fresh, simple, and the list can go on and on……..
  • Gray – Sounds boring but gray is a go to color in decorating because it can be used as a neutral and is relatively safe. Paint your kitchen or cabinets and you could be surprised by the effect it will have.
  • ORB Fixtures- what? Oil Rubbed Bronze!  You don’t have to forget about stainless steel forever but ORB and other finishes will update any kitchen.  If the bronzed look is too dark or dramatic for your taste, try other current finishes like chrome or brushed nickel.
  • White or Colored Sinks- Think outside of the box. You don’t have to have a stainless steel sink in the kitchen.  Explore your options in the warm neutrals or whites of the sink world.  They go best with the trendy oil rubbed bronze, chrome, brass, or brushed nickel fixtures.
  • Open Floor Plan-This continues to be a trend in kitchen remodels. Maybe even one that will never go away.  An open floor plan is perfect for entertaining and interacting with your guests.

So when thinking about remodeling your kitchen or just doing a simple update, don’t be afraid to go with the latest trends.  You can still add your personal touch to make it classic and just think of the envy that will emit from your friends when you entertain!

Have a Happy New Year!