Kitchen Appliance Trends

What’s hot in kitchen appliance trends right now? Color, customization and convenience, bulky appliances are a thing of the past.

Homeowners want equipment that works like professional equipment but doesn’t take up all the space in their kitchen. That’s why builders and homeowners alike are taking a liking to wall oven combinations and cooktops.

Make way freestanding stoves, you’re being replaced.

The refrigerator is a vital piece of equipment in the kitchen, many of us are used to using a refrigerator with side-by-side doors, refrigerator on one side, freezer on the other. That trend is changing folks. The new trend we’re seeing in refrigerators is the refrigerator on top and freezer drawer on the bottom setup. Are you a fan?

Have you thought of a wine refrigerator? Wine cellars are becoming popular with affluent homeowners. They certainly make a great addition to any kitchen.

How about double appliances? Homeowners are now installing multiples of the same type of appliance in their kitchens. Double dishwasher or sink anyone? (We recommend the double sink option).

No matter the style appliances you choose for your home’s kitchen, IDC Countertops will be there to help design your kitchen remodel around the look that you are going for. Our beautiful countertops, cabinets, and backsplash will compliment your appliance choices perfectly.