Keeping Your Quartz Counters Sparkling

If you have them in your kitchen or bathroom, keeping your quartz counters sparkling is your goal. Caring for them is often more about what you don’t do rather than what you do. Here are some helpful hints for quality quartz care:


When you want to clean your counters in an everyday setting, use a soft rag or paper towel and a mild detergent, making sure that the cleaner doesn’t contain bleach and isn’t abrasive in nature.


Quartz has some resistance to tea, coffee or fruit juice for a short period of time, but you’ll need to make certain that it gets cleaned up quickly so you can avoid staining. Stains from a permanent marker or ink will be more apt to come off with an oil based cleaner, like Goo Gone.


If you do have a dry or heavy stain, use glass or surface cleaner with a non-abrasive sponge. Any sponge that you would be comfortable using on a non-stick pan would be fine for this.


Because you might get grease on the counter from time to time, be sure to have a degreasing cleaner handy. Make sure to clean the counters immediately after you use it.


A dried substance on the counter like paint, grease or gum, comes off with a plastic putty knife. Avoid putty knives made from metal as they tend to scratch a quartz surface.


Make sure that you also avoid the following:


  • Knives directly on the countertop. Because knives leave marks and damage on a countertop, be sure to use a cutting board instead.
  • Hot pans directly on the counter. Use a hot pad or trivet beneath pans, electric skillets and slow cookers.
  • Cleaners like bleach, turpentine, nail polish remover, oven cleaners, dishwasher rinse agents and drain cleaners. If any of these spill accidently, clean the counters immediately, using a mild detergent followed with a rinse.
  • Wax and/or polish.


With simple maintenance and care, you can keep your quartz countertops sparkling and looking as fabulous as the day that they were installed.