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Introducing Our New 2019 Stones

Something new has made its way to IDC Countertops!

Give your home a new look and create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams with our new 2019 Stone Program. Whether you prefer the uniqueness of natural stone or the durability of quartz, our 2019 Stones feature options that are perfect for you.

We are also excited to announce that IDC Countertops now carries an exclusive line of quartzite surfaces in our new Luxury Series.


Mined from around the world, the beauty of this natural stone shines in the individuality of each slab with its own unique characteristics, meaning no two are the same. IDC Countertops new granite colors feature a variety of one-of-a-kind slabs like Terra Azul, Cold Mountain, Monte Cristo and a vast variety of different shades.


Screen Shot at .. AMThis elegant white granite is interspersed with black and grey speckles to create a simple, clean look. Dallas White is perfect for those who like little movement and prefer a subtler style.


In the last few years, quartz has begun to eclipse granite as the leading choice in surfacing material due to its increased durability, low maintenance and wide array of consistent color options. As part of the new 2019 Stones, we’ve now increased our selection of quartz with slabs like Eternal Calacatta Gold, Coastal Gray, Coarse Pepper and more.

DBPhotography Inspiration Design ..From the clean simplicity to the grey veins, Galena has the look of marble, but without the higher cost and maintenance to keep it looking beautiful. If your lifestyle is such that you don’t have time for that extra work that goes into marble, then this quartz may be the answer for you.


Often confused with man-made quartz, quartzite is a natural stone formed from sandstone in the earth that undergoes high heat and pressure overtime, resulting in a very durable stone that is heat, scratch, and etch resistant.

Our Luxury Series is a collection of quartzite slabs that look similar to marble but require much less maintenance. This collection includes Taj Mahal, Milano, Macaubas Fantasy, Dakar, Livorno, and Vancouver.image


Dakar—a mesmerizing quartzite with swirls of greys—is just one of the striking new stones featured in our Luxury Series.

These new quartzite stone slab colors are now available and coordinate well with any style. For more information or to view the full collection of colors available, click here.

Visit our showroom to view our Quartzite Luxury Series as well as our wide selection of granite and quartz. IDC Countertops is proud to offer innovative designs and an enduring color palette to give you the options you deserve on your next remodeling project. If you have any questions or concerns be sure to contact us today to speak with a countertop specialist (952) 767-1818