Classroom Cash Facebook Contest

#IDCgives Away Over $13,000 To Teachers This School Year

#IDCgives Away Over $13,000 To Teachers This School Year With Facebook Contest “Classroom Cash”

Our recent social contest, Classroom Cash, was a big hit when over 11,000 votes were cast via our Facebook page. The contest highlighted beloved local teachers and their dedication to their students’ education and classroom curriculum. We appreciate our Minnesota teachers, are inspired by their motivation to improve their student’s lives daily and decided to give back to these amazing mentors.

We received submissions for 63 teachers in all different cities. Some teachers were characterized by their nominators for selfless love who “sees every child as an individual and brings them to their highest potential” (Renee K.). Others were noticed for their hard work and charitable features. Krystyna B. from Rochester Public School described her teacher as “very good and caring. He creates new and very thought out lessons based on what he sees his students need improving on … He deserves this so much.”

Originally, we planned to crown two special winners with $500, determined by reactions from the Facebook posts. However, little did we know that this contest would blow up into a barrage of sweet testimonials! This inspired us to go above and beyond, just as these teachers do.

In the end, our 1st place winner won with over 1.3k votes, 2nd place received 872 votes, and several others were close behind. We decided to extend the gracious offer and show the teachers our appreciation for their hard work and dedication to our children. Thus, we awarded every runner-up participant $200 each!

Rebecca Goossens Tanya Olson                           First place winner, Rebecca Goossens, on the left and second place winner, Tanya Olson, on the right.

It was wonderful to see the community come together and express the gratitude that they have for the people that dedicate their time to teaching and expanding the education of the next generation.

See all of the contestants and the sweet words that everyone had to say.