IDC Love List

Valentine’s Day is just around the bend, two days to be exact, and you are still looking for that special gift.  Right?  With the help from the IDC Countertops and Genz-Ryan Staff, we came up with a great list to help you make this day memorable.  Enjoy!

  • Flowers- The number one mistake men make on Valentine’s Day is they forget the flowers and the card! Think outside of the box this year and buy her/him a succulent garden or a terrarium in a unique glass bowl.  You can also make your own unique vase out of a mason jar with a little bit of paint and raffia and fill it with her favorite color of tulips!
  • Surprise Outings- This is something that is fun and spontaneous all at the same time! What does every park in Minnesota have this time of year?  An Ice skating rink?  Take your honey on an ice skating date with thermoses full of hot chocolate!  This is the best time of year to cuddle!
  • Pajamas- Hopefully they are not the footie style pajamas! Everyone loves comfortable pjs to lounge around the house in on those cold weekends!
  • A Night of Uninterrupted Sleep- Amen to that! This gift can be for a man or a woman.  This weekend can be “your turn” to get up with the crying baby or to let the dogs out to go potty.
  • New Mouse Pad!-A very non-romantic gift for your buddy?
  • Love Letters- Deep down every woman or man say that they hate Valentine’s Day but every year when they receive a love letter from their special someone, their hearts just melt.
  • Card-Something as simple as a beautiful card expressing your devotion to your honey and your children.
  • A Gift Card to go out to Dinner-A gift card to their favorite restaurant would make anyone excited!
  • Invitation to go to lunch or dinner-This year make a homemade invite for your Valentine for an impromptu lunch and deliver it to their work, in person!
  • Homemade card from your kids-All you need is some construction paper, glue sticks, and crayons. Those are the Valentines that you will keep forever!

Last but not least:

  • Make a DESSERT! Here is a great recipe from Real Simple.

Romantic Brownie Sundae: