Terra Azul

Terra Azul granite features cool whites, warm creams and golds, and black veins. For ultimate flexibility in design and installation, the 3CM thickness allows you to create stunning granite countertops, kitchen islands, bar tops, and more throughout your home.

Finish: Polished

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Terra Azul Granite Kitchen Countertops In Burnsville Minnesota

Terra Azul Granite is quarried in Brazil. It is a kitchen and bathroom countertop material that is considered to be in the blue category of granite. This natural stone looks very beautiful in the kitchen. A lot of people around the world use terra azul granite for monuments, interior & exterior walls, flooring, fountains, mosaic, pools, wall capping, window sills, stairs, etc. It is a beautiful stone that brings out any design with its marvelous glow. Another popular name for this stone is terra blue granite but more commonly referred to as azul which is the spanish term for ‘blue.’

The Price And Cost

The price depends on the amount of granite you get. Whether you want this installed in your kitchen or bathroom the idea is to keep in mind that each granite supplier will always charge differently. No matter whether you want countertops, floooring, or stairs, you can get the highest-quality granite with IDC Countertops.