Granite – To Do or Not To Do?

Choosing the right material for your kitchen or bathroom.

Seems easy, right?  It actually calls for some research.  There are a lot of options out there but with the right tools and people, you can make a dream come true.

Granite being the most popular material because of its natural beauty and uniqueness, has a great reputation for being sturdy and not too high maintenance. I mean, it’s been around for millions of years forming inside the earth and survived.  How can it not survive your lifestyle?

Well, let’s take a look at some Pros and Cons:


  • Natural product that is visually appealing
  • Large range of colors and pattern-(some places let you look at more than one slab of a certain color to pick out the pattern you like best)
  • Very hard substance that won’t scratch
  • Resists heat
  • Can be resistant to stains if properly cared for


  • Can and will stain if poorly sealed
  • Can have some weak spots that can chip or break off
  • Pricey (Worth it.  They last forever)

There will be more decisions to make along the way but if you can handle the care of granite countertops, then this could be the material for you!

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“Granite” is a catchall term, and geologists can bore you stiff telling you that your high-end granite is actually something else. Don’t worry — when they start throwing words around like “gneiss,” “anorthosite,” “gabbro,” “mozonite” and “syenite,” they’re just strutting their geological stuff, so to speak [source: Carter]. ­