Granite Sealant

Choosing a company to buy your countertops from can be a difficult decision. We’d like to make that decision a little easier for you. We provide granite countertops for your home that are sealed with a Dry-Treat world leading permanent impregnating sealer, for premium stain protection.

Many homeowners aren’t familiar with Dry-Treat sealers. Dry-Treat sealers provide premium protection from common threats like staining and water damage. They make surfaces easier to clean and maintain. The sealant you will receive is backed with a 15-year performance warranty that states the treated surface will remain water and stain resistant to common non-acidic household liquids when compared to an untreated surface for a 15-year period.


How Granite Sealer Works

An impregnating sealer works by repelling liquids rather than blocking the pores of the stone. This is beneficial because air is still able to move through the pores, allowing the material to breathe naturally.

The impregnating sealer that we put on our countertops is the best technology available to protect against staining while preserving the look and natural integrity of your surface.

This sealer will give you plenty of time to clean up liquids before they absorb into the pores and stain. Keep in mind using coasters for your drink is still recommended.


Additional benefits you will get with your sealed granite include:

  • A Healthy Environment

Cleaning a granite countertop becomes easier when it’s sealed, meaning you shouldn’t have to use as many chemicals on it to clean it.

  • Less Etching

Etching on granite occurs when acidic foods are spilled on the counter and not cleaned up immediately. If your granite is sealed, dirt can be easily wiped up without scrubbing.


Sealed granite is the only way to go for those who want to make certain that they get all the service life they should out of their granite countertop. If you’re interested in learning more about granite countertops turn to IDC Countertops.