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Granite Countertops MN: Why Millennials Are Choosing Natural Stone

Find Out Why Millennials Are Investing In Natural Stone More Than Ever Before

The younger adults of this generation known as Millennials are steadily getting ahead of the curve! With the constant evolution of technology, Millennials are always hip when it comes to the most advanced trends. But whenever it comes to home design and remodeling what exactly do they think of natural stone? Minneapolis Granite professionals believe that natural stone is the perfect fit for the younger generation and these are the reason why…

Natural Stone Is Very Affordable

According to collected data, the younger generations are waiting longer than ever before to purchase homes. This is mainly because they are choosing to live with family and save as much money as they can. Millennials are still the largest share of home buyers coming in at approximately 35% & growing. This generation of young adults are moving into the suburbs and are choosing single life homes. They are wanting high quality and high-end materials that will look great and last a long time. For many people, high prices are what comes to mind anytime they think about natural stone.

However, contrary to popular belief, this countertop material is much more affordable than some engineered stone options. Natural is a great investment due to its longevity. It can be viewed as a luxury but it adds value to the home and will last for many decades. Natural stone is durable and can withstand crazy temperatures on both sides of the spectrum. Another reason why it is very popular among Millennials is that it is hygienic and will not harbor bacteria.

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Natural Stone Is Timeless

Although the generations may want the latest technology and features that come in purchasing a smart home, they always appreciate the timelessness and simplicity of natural stone. Natural stone is a quality investment whose beauty will last forever with the right care and maintenance. Natural stone has a beauty that has been admired for millions of years and it is also one that rarely needs to be replaced. Anytime homeowners buy natural stone, they only changed it for another material when they want a different look. It seldom happens because of damages or wear. This is a very durable material that is made to last. Whether you are wanting a modern or more traditional design in your home, natural stone comes in a large variety of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from.

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Unique And Stylish

Millennials love to celebrate being unique and different. This generation of young adults loves to stand out from the rest. This is the reason why natural stone like marble and granite are perfect countertop choices! Every natural stone is made by Mother Earth and they are all unique as no two slabs are exactly the same. Each natural stone slab can be cut & finished to bring out its beauty. This helps granite and marble reflect their own personality and identity. Its versatility is enough for different style designs and uses.

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