Colors of the Year

Many paint manufacturers have an opinion on what the trendy colors for the new year will be. Oftentimes, these predictions vary amongst manufacturers. One paint color trend that seems to be consistent among paint manufacturers in 2016 is the use of shades of white.

 We’ve compiled the predicted paint color trends from Benjamin Moore, Glidden, Sherwin-Williams and Behr. Here are there predictions:

2016 Colors of the Year

Benjamin Moore: Simply white

Glidden: Cappuccino white

Sherwin-Williams: Alabaster

Behr: Ivory keys

Before you decide to join the trend, educate yourself on painting your walls white. White paint may look great in one room while looking disastrous in another.

This is what to think about before you paint your walls white:

  • Avoid the sterile hospital look. Avoid this cold look by adding texture to white.
  • Use white to make the room look larger. Rooms painted white look larger because of the amplification of light.
  • Consider your artwork. Having white walls lessens the architectural details and focuses attention on the artwork on your walls.
  • What is outside your window? Do the trees and shrubs block the light or hurt the light in the room? It’s common for some rooms in your home to have different lighting. For example, your kitchen may take in sunlight in the winter and shade in the summer. In this case it’s a good idea to paint a room white.
  • White can make a room very relaxing if done right. For the best results use a few tones of white in the room through the use of blinds, bedding, etc.
  • If a cool, white, crisp room is what you’re looking for be sure your furniture and window treatments match, this will create a homogenous space. This works best in contemporary spaces.