Choosing the Right Kind of Toilet for your Bathroom Renovation

If your toilet is more than ten years old and was installed prior the release of high efficiency toilets on the market, chances are it will be more likely to waste water and clog. Within the last ten years alone there have been several new developments in toilet design and performance. Toilets that are ten years and older will use 3.5 gallons of water or more per flush, almost double the amount that the newer models require.

Here are some tips to help you select a brand new toilet for your bathroom renovation:

–          Select toilets with a fully glazed trap way. Glazing prevents the natural roughness of the surface of the bowl from slowing down or snagging contents as they exit the bowl.

–          Get the toilet with the largest possible trap way diameter.

–          Find the largest possible flush valve, the opening where the water from the tank enters the bowl. More water incoming means more power outgoing.

–          Go for a quiet flush or insulate the bathroom walls to reduce the noise.

At Inspiration Design, we recommend that all homeowners consider upgrading their toilets and renovating their bathrooms every five to ten years to keep up with better performing models and low-flow water regulations.

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