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Can Granite Kitchen Countertops Increase Your Home’s Value?

Considering granite kitchen countertops for your next home improvement project and curious about whether it’s worth it from a home equity or salability standpoint? Discover the ways granite countertops can affect your home value, why it has the impact it does, and what you can do to get further value out of your investment.

Do Granite Kitchen Countertops Raise Home Value?

For a simple answer, we can just say yes, they do. After all, any upgrade to any part of your home is likely to raise your home value by some amount, simply by virtue of being a new part replacing an old part. Unless you replace a quality product in great shape with an inferior product poorly installed, even the least worthwhile home improvement effort will probably represent some level of home value gain.

So, do granite kitchen countertops raise home value in a more notable way? Yes, for a few reasons and in a few senses. First, a few reasons:

  • Granite is timeless. Granite’s popularity stands strong and will continue to stand strong for decades to come. This means granite isn’t a potential loss of value like more trendy materials or home improvements that might fall out of style next year.
  • Granite is strong and long-lasting. Of course, with investments, you always want one that you can expect to last for years without wearing down. Granite’s resilience makes it unlikely for you (or a prospective buyer) to lose your countertops to wear-and-tear or incident.
  • Granite is low maintenance. Granite doesn’t require a lot of work to stay in great condition, which means it’s a sound investment you don’t have to think hard about in the future.
  • Granite is environmentally friendly. Going green has value in a modern home, as buyers are increasingly aware of these things when buying. It’s extremely unlikely that granite will someday be considered a decadent, harmful thing to have in your home.
  • Granite has a better ROI than other kitchen improvements. Full kitchen remodels don’t always offer the best returns on your investment, but granite countertops give great value for your dollar even without other changes.

Multiple Ways to Consider Home Value

When talking about the value of a remodel or improvement like granite countertops, it’s worth it to consider the different ways you might think about home value.

There are forms of value such as home equity, what a financial institution might think your home is worth, or market value, what you can sell your house for on the market. But there are also the improvements that make your house more appealing to buy than other homes of arguably equal value; the changes which will ensure your house sells faster than its peers.

For those not considering selling, it’s also worth considering simple quality of life changes in addition to home equity. Low maintenance long-lasting granite countertops are quite nice to live with for years to come, all the more so if they’ve improved your home equity and thus potentially helped improve a line of credit for you.

Want To Learn More About Granite Countertops?

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