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Matching New Countertops to Your Bathroom Vanity

Matching countertops to your vanity can create a cohesive atmosphere and charming ambiance to your bathrooms. With the right choice of stone, color, and edge profile, you can create a precision match that adds value and comfort to your home. At IDC Countertops, our expert design team is happy to guide you through the process of matching your new countertops to your bathroom vanity.

Set It in Stone

Because of their durability and resistance to water damage, granite and quartz countertops are ideal for use in the bathroom. Both are beautiful and aren’t easily damaged by toothpaste, soap, alcohol, etc. In addition, granite is hard and not easily scratched. It requires minimal maintenance, and with proper care, it will last as long as you own your home.

Choosing the Color

Color choice is crucial and will have a significant influence on the atmosphere in your bathroom. When choosing your stone countertop, you will want to decide whether you want a subtle or bold color and pattern. In general, if you have a lighter bathroom and vanity (white, cream, light gray, vanilla, etc.), then more subtle patterns can be chosen to create a more relaxed environment. However, be cautious choosing a color that is too light. Light-colored countertops can show stains and highlight everyday damage over time.

If you have a darker bathroom and vanity, then bold patterns can add a sophisticated contrast to the space. Dark colors add drama to the space and are ideally suited for larger bathrooms with plenty of natural light that won’t feel closed off and claustrophobic when a dark vanity is paired with a dark countertop.

Pairing Up Your Countertops With Your Vanity

When it comes to matching, some countertop and vanity pairings are just perfect. If you want to go with the flow and don’t want to get too bold and daring, the following are some popular combinations to choose from.

  • Dark hardwoods, including oak and mahogany, go great with neutral granite or quartz countertops.
  • Light hardwoods, such as white oak and maple, are perfectly matched with black, blue, or dark green quartz or granite countertops.
  • Cherry, maple, and walnut vanities look beautiful when paired with earth tones or neutral granite or quartz countertops.

Selecting the Edge Profile

Flat eased, three-eighths top bevel, half bullnose, or crescent. These popular edge profiles can create a distinctive appearance in your bathroom. But it’s important to choose the style that matches your vanity; otherwise, the contrast will stand out and create an unpleasant, disjointed appearance.

Flat edges are increasingly popular. Sophisticated and simple, the slightly smoothed edges go beautifully with shaker-style cabinets. They are ideal for use within bathrooms where you want to create a modern appearance.

The three-eighths top bevel is similar to the flat edge but features a more defined bevel. It’s ideal for creating a softer ambiance while still maintaining a flat-edged countertop’s sophistication and clean lines.

Bullnose edges are perfect for families with small children and within smaller bathrooms where you can easily bump into the counter. Also, because of the design, these dramatic edges make the countertop appear thinner, making a smaller vanity appear larger.

If you want a little less drama than the bullnose edge, the crescent edge can be an ideal alternative. It is stylish, elegant, and works beautifully within almost any bathroom.

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