The Best Faucet for your Bathroom

That final touch on your bathroom remodel could be the faucet. It’s a piece that you’ll want to get right. Let us help with the options you’ll want to consider.




Considering style is an extremely important element when selecting a faucet. That involves the finish and takes in more than just the classic polished chrome look that’s been in bathrooms since the early days. Other finishes include brushed chrome, brushed and polished nickel, hammered nickel, stainless steel, bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed bronze, polished brass, black, white and other decorative options including ceramic. The answer will depend on other decorating choices you’ve made for your bathroom. Each finish has advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you do your homework.


The Basics


You’ll need to know what your sink setup is, or how many holes it has, to accommodate your faucet. Usually, sinks feature one or three holes in the top for a faucet to fit through. Knowing that will help narrow your choices. If you’re setting up a new sink, this allows you to broaden to some more unusual choices. Those include a widespread mount, or one that has three separate pieces consisting of handles and spout. Then there’s wall mounted faucets that project a different look.




You’ll also want to make sure you get something of the highest quality. That means knowing brands and basic inner workings.  Tune in to what the differences are, whether they’re ceramic-disc, compression or cartridge faucets. Get a feel for additional features that help regulate temperatures, so there aren’t sudden shifts that cause burns. The more features, the higher the price tag.


Other Factors


If you’ve watched any home improvement television, you’ve seen faucets that deliver water in unusual ways. That includes water through an open chute, a narrow tube or many other options. Another development in recent years have been bathroom faucets are starting to behave like their counterparts in the kitchen, complete with moveable spouts.




Just going to a store and picking a faucet is a thing of the past. With so many options, the best way to see what different choices look like is to pay us a visit. When you do, you’ll notice bathroom vignettes set up so you see first-hand what different choices look like. And, in our 13,000-square foot showroom, there are plenty of options to look at if you’re thinking of a bathroom remodel.