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8 Steps to the Perfect Countertop Installation

A Short Guide To Countertop Installation

Did you know October is kitchen and bath month? Well, it is! Believe it or not, now is the best time to upgrade your countertops before the holiday season. To help you prepare for your countertop installation, we have developed this handy dandy guide to ensure you know what to do and expect in a countertop remodel.

1. Budgeting Your Money

One of the most important items to develop in any home project is to establish your budget. Knowing what you are able to spend, or even have an idea of what you would like to spend, will give you a realistic expectation of what you will be able to accomplish in any project.

2. Planning The Countertop Installation

Plan, plan, and plan some more. It is important to plan around your families schedule. Being without a kitchen or bathroom for any amount of time is stressful. Even though a countertop installation is a quick process, it is good to plan ahead and be prepared for extra time and space.

3. Know Your Space

If you are changing the layout of your kitchen, it is a good idea to know the ins and outs of your existing space to ensure you know what you want and don’t want in your new space. Some things to take into account are your home’s traffic patterns, plumbing, and electrical.

4. In-Home Measure

Before you head off to the showroom and slab house it is important you gather some measurements and dimensions of your current and future space. These don’t have to be exact, but they will help give us an idea of your home. Later on, a team member will make a home visit to template once you have selected your countertop.

5. Selecting Your Slab

At IDC Countertops we have a wide variety of granite countertops and quartz countertops for you to choose from. Whether you covet the beauty of natural stone or prefer the enhanced durability of quartz, IDC Countertops has the countertop for you. In our showrooms, we have full vignettes to inspire your design and countertop samples to take home. Our design consultants can help you choose the color, finish, edge profile and details for your new countertops! Click here to schedule an appointment! Click here to get your countertop project started with IDC Countertops.

6. Measure & Template

This is when things get real! It is time to plan and schedule a team member to visit your home to template your space and gather all of the necessary information about your installation. No one wants to be surprised with extra charges or unforeseen problems. That’s why we take extremely accurate measurements using our laser measuring system. It scans your new countertop space, taking in curves, angles, sinks, faucets, overhangs, and even the backsplash. This takes the complicated measurements that we need to make your countertops just right. While the measurement takes place, your personal consultant meets with you again to go over your thoughts and ideas.

Most companies will get you to sign a legally binding contract and collect thousands of dollars from you before they even know who you are or what your home is like. Surprise extra charges mysteriously show up, taking your hard-earned money right from your pocket. That’s not the experience you’ll have with IDC Countertops. Instead, you’ll know the exact price before we get any money. We invest the time and resources up front to make sure you know what you’re investing in and how much. You’ll get an exact price and it won’t change.

7. Prepare Your Home

On the day of your installation, it is important to clear pathways and entryways and remove items from existing counters to ensure a smooth removal and installation.

8. Leave The Rest To The Countertop Installation Experts

It’s time to sit back and relax. Your new countertops will be installed and ready for you to enjoy in no time. Once the work is complete, our installers will review the job with you and answer any questions you may have. They’ll even clean up after themselves so the only evidence of being there is your beautiful new natural stone countertop. If the installation takes more than 1 day, you’ll know it ahead of time so there are no surprises.

If you have any questions concerning countertop installation then make sure to contact an expert at IDC Countertops today. Visit our blog for more related content. (952) 767-1818.