8 Signs It’s Time to Remodel

Have you been dreaming of a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, but something is holding you back? We’ve created a list of considerations that just might tip the scale.


  1. Your needs have changed or the space could function better


Maybe you now have an empty nest or are expecting a child.  Whatever the change is, you know that your room needs attention.  Changing a room up to work better for your life is a decision you will not regret.  That includes adjusting for more counter space or better storage.


  1. The room doesn’t reflect your personal style


Maybe you just bought the home and its current style isn’t really yours or your style has changed over the years.  Either way, if you find yourself dreaming of what your kitchen or bath could look like every time you watch home improvement shows, then you might find this to be true for you.


  1. Wear and tear


Your kitchen or bathroom has those signs that the walls have seen better days.  The counters are starting to show serious wear.  The cabinets are faded and the drawer pulls have tarnish and wear on them.  Maybe you even have a drawer or cabinet that only works when you open it a certain way or it comes apart.  These are all signs that things are starting to wear out and you should consider an upgrade.


  1. Wasted space


How many homes have that odd little space that just doesn’t make much sense?  Could you turn that space into a pantry?  Could you incorporate it into your bathroom to make it a little larger?  Could you move things around in your kitchen or bathroom to make that space part of the room rather than that odd quirk your home has?


  1. Clutter


Do you have a drop space where the mail lands every day and never seems to go away?  Do things just sit around your kitchen taking up valuable space?  It may not seem possible that clutter would indicate the need for a change, but if it is a regular problem, you may not have enough storage space and you need to find a way to incorporate more into a new space plan.


  1. Neighborhood is improving


You may notice your neighbors are fixing up their homes.  This is a good sign that property values are on the rise, but only as much as you follow suit.


  1. Outdated


You’ve seen your kitchen or bathroom on television and not in a good way.  You recognize it from those home improvement shows that have a room that makes everyone laugh.  You’ve seen it on reruns that you watch from classic TV shows.  It might be time to update your room and turn the reaction from nostalgic comedy to dramatic awe.


  1. You want to sell your home


Buyer are expecting more from homes like granite counters to updated appliances.  If you don’t have them, your home will sit on the market longer, get less money and frustrate you.  Updates to the bathroom or kitchen have been a big indication that your home will sell faster and sometimes fetch more money.