5 Hot Trends for a Cool Bathroom This Spring

When you wake in the morning, does your bathroom give you that boost you need to get on through the day? When you come home at night, does it invite you in to relax and unwind?  If not, spring may be the perfect time to consider a bathroom update or remodel.  And doing so will bring great rewards to your home’s value, as well. So, what’s hot in bathroom trends this spring? Here are 5 hot trends that we’re in love with:


1. Monochrome Décor

Simplistic, monochromatic spaces are on point this season, characterized by cleaner, more minimalist designs that incorporate sleek lines and sharp angles to create an open, airy feel. This modern, yet traditional trend embraces white, gray, and black color schemes, and can even include bold, metallic accents, for the more daring souls.


2. Ceramics and Marble Surfaces

Here’s how to create a naturally organic oasis – ceramic, marble and stone. And, they just happen to be the hottest trends in bathroom remodels this season.  The sleek elegance these elements bring in are incomparable to traditional designs. Opting for a ceramic, marble or stone countertop will increase the return on your remodel investment over and again.


 3. Frameless Glass Showers

“Frameless heavy glass enclosures are a huge design trend because they give the bathroom that spacious, luxury spa-like feeling that homeowners want,” says Greg Weyman, vice president of marketing for Basco Shower Enclosures. Frameless showers are especially useful in small bathrooms as they give the illusion of a larger space.  They will also create a more custom look than their framed counterparts.

 4. Vinyl Flooring (yes, vinyl!)

Vinyl flooring lets you transform any room with gorgeously realistic and durable designs inspired by wood, stone, or ceramic. The luxury vinyl flooring available from IDC Countertops includes collections that reflect the look of real hardwood, ceramic, and stone in a more cost effective, durable material. It is perfect for a bathroom remodel because it can be ordered to match any style of design! Plus, with the money you save on vinyl flooring, you may be able to consider that frameless shower and beautiful stone surface, for a naturally, luxurious retreat.

5. Pebbles and Stones

It looks like Fred Flintstone was way ahead of this season’s big trend. Industry insiders are saying a “must-have for 2018” are stone vessel sinks, and we can’t agree more. Hand-carved stone brings the outdoor elements in, and its raw, organic beauty seems to calm one’s soul quite naturally…


If you want to truly feel “one with nature”, think pebbles. They’ve become hugely popular for their spa-like qualities – at the bottom of the shower floor, and in backsplash, or as decorative accents on the countertop, vanity and tub deck.


For more inspiration, check out our gallery of beautiful bathroom remodels and transformations.  If you’re already inspired and ready to turn your bathroom into a retreat, come in to our beautiful showroom and be amazed by our fully functional bathroom vignettes.