2018 Spring Remodeler’s Showcase

When you’ve been in the same house for 30 years, it means it’s probably time for some remodeling.


That was the case with Patrick and Mary, happy homeowners of a 1963 modified Ranch-style home that we ultimately had the pleasure of remodeling and which will be featured in the 2018 Spring Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase.


These empty nesters found themselves surrounded by an extended family that quickly grew to include a happy home full of grandchildren, so they thought it was time to bring their home into the 21st century, and it started with the main bathroom. Eventually, their plans included a full kitchen and dining room remodel, and they chose IDC for that project, as well.


Why They Chose IDC

After a Google search for “Bathroom Remodelers near Bloomington” conveniently led them to IDC Countertops, the homeowners’ interest put them on the road to our Showroom, in nearby Burnsville. After they stepped through the doors, they found themselves quickly impressed with our showroom – they were able to see and touch everything from countertops to cabinets and fixtures.  Being able to walk through the various kitchen and bathroom vignettes, helped them envision a bathroom and kitchen of their own.  They found themselves “inspired” by the experience.


Then, it wasn’t long after their initial meeting with their designer, Theresa Carver, that they made the decision to use IDC for their remodel. According to Patrick, they don’t even know if “Inspiration was the cheapest”, they just knew that they had a “great gut feel about Theresa and we appreciated the relationship we were building with her. We just felt she knew exactly what we needed and wanted.”



The main bathroom was the highest priority for repairs. Since it was the only one on the main floor of the house, it was in rough shape. Aging and broken tiles, along with outdated fixtures, needed to go. They wanted it to be functional with plenty of vanity storage space while still being beautiful enough to show off to guests.


The bathroom was remodeled by IDC Countertops in 2015, which kicked off their remodeling streak. For convenience sake, a new vanity with a more comfortable height replaced the previous vanity that wasn’t the right height. To be more functional, an accessible tub, higher toilet, hand held shower head and recess storage were installed. And of course, new flooring and fixtures were added for style.



The kitchen remodel followed the bathroom a short time later. Like the bathroom, the kitchen also needed to be more accessible for the aging couple and their growing family with grandchildren. The kitchen floor was in desperate need of replacement, and the kitchen was closed off from the dining area. They wanted a more open space without having to expand the kitchen itself.







To make the kitchen more spacious, a wall between the dining room and kitchen was taken out, but Mary worried about storage space without the pantry. To accommodate for losing the pantry, built-in storage areas were added, including pull-out racks, tray dividers and roll out trays. Designers also added more easily-accessible appliances and a small island in the middle. The colors and textures of the kitchen were updated as well, taking it out of the 1960s.








Patrick admits he lacked the knowledge and skills to do the remodel, so that made coming to IDC easier for them. We offer fair prices along with convenience – we’ll help you complete the project from the start to finish, matching you with designers and contractors and insuring your project is done accurately, efficiently and on time.


You can visit this home yourself – March 23-25th during the 2018 Spring Remodeler’s Showcase, sponsored by BATC and the Parade of Homes.  For details, start here: https://www.paradeofhomes.org/entries/204