Fall 2017 Remodeler’s Showcase: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

It’s that time of year… and we’re excited, once again, to be showcasing one of our beautiful kitchen remodels in the Fall 2017 Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase, presented by the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC)!

From noon – 6:00pm, Friday, Sept. 29 – Sun. Oct. 1, you can tour 64 remodeled homes including IDC Countertops 2017 Fall Showcase Home, located in the heart of Lakeville, MN.  Look for home #R31.

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Design Highlight

There were too many cooks in this chef-themed kitchen and the owners craved better workflow, storage and visual appeal. The design started with moving the refrigerator closer to the work area and replacing the freestanding range with a cooktop and a wall oven/microwave combo. Visual appeal and increased storage capacity was achieved in lighter-colored enameled cabinets, hidden storage areas, and the addition of a large black, distressed enamel specialty cabinet. Black granite countertops with a leathered finish were added for dimension and texture. Don’t miss this realistic solution for a real kitchen, fit for every cook in the kitchen!

Problems with old kitchen

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The chef-themed kitchen was getting a little too cluttered for the homeowners, and they needed more storage space. Aside from the clutter, the dark cabinets and drab lighting made the whole space feel dreary; and according to their designer, Theresa Carver, “the homeowners felt it was time to let the dancing chefs go… and then the 90’s called and they wanted their black and white backsplash back!” she joked.

The workflow in the kitchen was off, as well.  The homeowners craved better organization and a “clutter-free” environment.

“In all seriousness, they wanted a lighter, brighter, more organized space, so our design began with de-cluttering, improving workflow and increasing storage options. We worked from the outside-in and the result is now both functional and beautiful!” Carver says, beaming with excitement.”

Plan for new kitchen

The key elements of the new kitchen design were maximizing space, improving overall workflow, enhancing lighting features, and bringing in lighter, brighter, more updated finishes.

To give the homeowners an idea of what their new kitchen would look like, Theresa provided examples of new designs and budget options that included a “look-book” board containing different colors, materials and textures, to ensure her new design ideas would be perfect for the homeowners’ tastes, lifestyle and their checkbook.

The finished product

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For the new kitchen, Theresa used the existing island and the adjoining family room fireplace surround to build off of and to use as a baseline for the color pallet they would come to use throughout the space.

To maximize storage, Theresa incorporated a corner susan, trash pull out, tray divider, roll-out trays and open shelving.
After stove x

To improve workflow, the freestanding range was replaced with a cooktop, a cast iron sink was installed and the microwave and oven were built into the wall – all were easilyaccessible to one another and provided that “triangle of workflow” that’s an essential design element for functionality in today’s kitchen.

To round out the design and to add dimension and texture, the countertops were replaced with black, leathered-finished granite and complemented by lighter-colored enamel cabinets; a large, black, distressed specialty cabinet was added near the refrigerator, which tied in the primary color of the kitchen island and the homeowner’s living room fireplace surround.

After countertop x

Their kitchen is now a focal point of the home and the design ties all the spaces together. The homeowners couldn’t be happier with the result and the few chefs left in the kitchen now look forward to prepping the next meal.

“Theresa was amazing to work with and was able to incorporate our styles and tastes when we weren’t sure what we wanted. Kyle and the team of installers were always on time and meticulous. I love the warmth of my new kitchen and how it ties our whole living space together. I couldn’t have imagined how beautiful it would turn out.”

– Kari S., homeowner

Where and when you can see it

 This season, there are 406 homes featured in the entire Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase. Again, the Remodeler’s Showcase takes place Sept. 29 – Oct. 1 from noon-6:00pm. Be sure to check out our feature kitchen remodel in home #R31!