simple kitchen hacks to keep avocado browning

10 Simple Kitchen Hacks Everyone Should Know

10 Hacks That Will Save You Time in The Kitchen

If you’re anything like us, you find that you are constantly in the kitchen. Maybe a majority of the time you are scrambling around trying to quickly prepare the dinner that you procrastinated on, or in opposition, you may find yourself spending way too much time in the kitchen because meal preparation alone can take hours on end. Thankfully, we have discovered a few handy tricks that will help dwindle down the day-to-day hassles in the kitchen. Here is a list of hacks that everyone should know to make life a little bit easier.

1. Stop the overflow of boiling water

overflowing boiling water hack

Do you ever start water to boil in a pot, walk away and then realize you filled it up with too much water only after you hear water spilling and sizzling on your cooktop? Then you find yourself scrambling for ways to stop the water from pouring over the edge. You try to pick up the pan to pour the excess water in the sink, but the steep tilt of your pour brings the food towards the edge. Then, you end up having a mini panic attack because your precious cooked food is about to go down the drain. We understand… this happens to us all. Here’s an easy fix … Place a big wooden fork or spoon across the top of the pan as you boil the water. Then, your water will not be waterfalling down the edges. It’s really that simple!

2. Don’t cry – it’s just an onion

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Are you guilty of tearing up as you cut an onion? We sure are! One way to stop all the tears is to cut the onion under running cold water. However, sometimes that’s easier said than done if you don’t have a cutting board that fits sturdily over your sink area. Another trick is to cut the onion near running hot water or a cloud of steam. Sounds simple enough!

3. Save the wine

wine ice cube hack

No, really! If you didn’t get around the finishing the bottom of wine you opened the other night and you are worried that it may go bad, pour the wine into an ice cube tray and freeze it. When it is time to cook pasta, create a homemade sauce, or marinade chicken breast, pull out a few of these wine cubes to add flavor to your dish! Trust us – it’s delish!

4. Chopping made easy

cutting cherry tomatoes hack

Small foods such as cherry tomatoes often need to be cut or diced before being added into a recipe. However, this can take up a lot of time as cherry tomatoes are small and you may already be crunched for time. Instead of chopping one-by-one, place all the tomatoes onto a plate and then place another plate on top. Push the top plate down just enough to keep the tomatoes from rolling around, but not hard enough to squash them. Then, you can easily slide a knife around the opening between the plates to slice the vegetables perfectly in half. Voila!

5. Pit cherries quickly

cherry pit hack

Grab a glass bottle, a straw, and a handful of cherries. Place the cherry upside down into the top of the bottle. With the straw, push the pit through the center of the cherry. The seed should easily come out and fall into the bottle. There you have it – a quick and easy way to pit a cherry without making a juicy mess!

6. Ripen bananas in a rush

Ripe bananas hack

Do you have a recipe that calls for ripe bananas but your supply hasn’t lost all of its green peel yet? Quick! Throw a few bananas (peel and all) on a baking sheet and plop them into the oven. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and leave the bananas inside for a few short minutes. You’ll be able to get back to your recipe in no time! There are many delicious vegan recipes that you can use to create yummy treats using ripe bananas. If you find yourself with too many bananas and not enough time to eat them, all you have to do is pop them in the freezer!

7. Prevent over-ripening bananas

bananas last longer hack

Have the opposite problem from #6 above? Bananas are typically bought in bulk so by the time you finish the bundle the last one is likely very spotty and ripe, maybe even too much for your liking. In order to slow down the ripening process, wrap the stalk of the bananas with saran wrap. The plastic wrap helps contain ethylene gas, the culprit for over-ripe bananas.

8. Avoid a browning avocado

simple kitchen hacks to keep avocado browning

There’s nothing more disappointing than opening the other half of a saved avocado to a brown, mushy, unappealing mess. Similar to apples, avocados turn brown when exposed to air. While it’s simply a chemical reaction and your avocado is still safe to eat, it can taste a little bitter and look unappetizing. To avoid the browning of an avocado, sprinkle lemon juice on top before storing it. Place in an air-tight container or cover it in clear plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator.

9. Reheat food with a glass of water

reheat food with water

Don’t have time to prepare dinner? Leftovers are a perfect go-to! But sometimes, reheating food changes the taste and is not always quite as tasty the next day. Try microwaving your meal with a glass of water next to your plate. This will help keep your food moist and avoid the unwanted random spurts of hot and cold in your pasta, casserole, pizza, etc.

10. Stop bacon from making a sizzling mess

bacon cooking in water

Mmmm … nothing beats the smell of crispy bacon sizzling on the griddle. But sometimes the grease can splatter and make a huge mess, not to mention burn you. To prevent this, add just enough water to completely cover the bottom of your pan while you cook the bacon over medium to high heat. This quick trick will help prevent fat from splattering everywhere.

We hope these 10 food prep hacks will help you save time spent and frustration in the kitchen. Do away with the small hassles and begin a new and more efficient way of meal prepping and conserving. Good luck and happy cooking!

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